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Utrecht, Nederland
Type: Freelance
Start: Per direct
Duur: 6 maanden / kans op verlenging
Geplaatst op: 11 februari 2019 om 12:49 uur
Specialisme: Software ontwikkeling
Tariefindicatie: In overleg / n.t.b.


“Onder de veranderde wet en regelgeving leent deze opdracht zich helaas minder voor het inzetten van een ZZP-er. Inzet via payrolling

Senior CI/CD Engineer
We offer a challenging role as CI/CD Engineer. We are part of the IT Systems division and are responsible for helping teams to continuously improve their development process. The teams we help develop software on various platforms like Java, .NET, JavaScript, SAP, Siebel and Cobol. The teams have been set a goal to be able to deliver software to production within a week before the end of the year. Especially for the .NET and Java teams we are currently developing complete and scalable CI/CD pipelines with Docker and Cattle or TFS/VSTS. These pipelines mostly reside on premise, but we are moving towards Azure as a cloud solution. From one of our three teams you will be consulting teams throughout the Rabobank to find out how they can improve their development process and achieve their goals. You will be welcomed in an agile environment where we learn from our mistakes and where the importance of having fun while doing so is something we stand for.

You have a drive to learn continuously. This shows by that you are not afraid of doing things you have not done before. With this mindset you do not only challenge yourself, but also the team that you are part of, its members and its direct surroundings within the organization. You have a talent for recognizing opportunities for improvement and know how to translate these into team results. You show you are a team player by valuing team goals higher than personal goals. You are precise and demanding towards yourself and the team. You want to deliver top notch results, but value early delivery of valuable results over completeness of the result. Besides this, you know how to coach and educate other to deliver the same quality.

Generic qualifications
• A bachelor degree or higher, or prove of being able to work/think on this level
• You have setup a CI or CD pipeline from scratch before
• You have in-depth knowledge and experience with software development
• You have in depth knowledge and experience with Cloud (IAAS/PAAS) services like AWS or Azure
• You have an Agile mindset and experience in working in multiple Agile teams
• You are able to speak and write in Dutch and English on a professional level

Specific qualifications
• Strong understanding of cloud and cloud concepts, desired state configuration and tools like Ansible, Powershell and ARM templates
• Strong understanding of Git as version control system
• Experience with creating API oriented service offerings
• Strong understanding of topologies and their relation to non-functional requirements of applicative environments
• Knowledge of concepts like LDAP, NFS, TCP/IP, CIFS, SNMP, DNS, firewalling, loadbalancing, stack traces, etc.
• Experience with logging and monitoring environments
• Programming skills, preferably Java, C, Python
• Strong preference for a candidate with in-depth knowledge of the Rabobank-specific Azure and Azure DevOps usage and setup

Preferred knowledge
• Knowledge of SQL Server/MySQL
• Knowledge of Unix/Linux
• Knowledge of XL Deploy and XL Release
• Knowledge of and interest in: “what is going on in the continuously changing open source community


Start:             zsm
Eind:              1 september  (verlenging mogelijk)
Uren:             36/week
Standplaats:   Utrecht
Code:             1
Sluitingsdatum reacties: 12  februari 09.00 uur
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