Backend Azure Cloud Developer

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Type: Freelance
Starten op: 12-12-2023
Duur: 12 maanden / kans op verlenging
Geplaatst op: 16 november 2023 om 11:54 uur
Specialisme: Software ontwikkeling
Tariefindicatie: € 80,00 per uur


40 hours per week - ABN AMRO

Start: 11-12-2023 - 

End: 15-11-2024 - 

Possible extension: Yes 




Assignment context and description of activities


The ABN AMRO app and Internet Banking website wouldn’t exist without the developers and engineers at our department, the Personal Banking grid, using their talent. We currently have 2 vacancies. One in a team responsible for the pension products on Internet Banking (web) and one in a team responsible for the security and onboarding journey of a customer in the ABN AMRO app (app). Both teams work on a FE and BFF (Back-end for Front-end) layer, with a lot of orchestration and aggregation taking place in the latter. Both teams face deadlines for bringing functional things live next year (e.g. a new proposition Fiscal Investments, or a device binding using an existing device) where a lot of changes are needed in BFF. Besides, there are various migrations that the teams are working on which also have big deadlines. For example, a migration from Digital Signing to Generic signing (web) or a device binding using an existing device (app). So, we could definitely use your help!   


At the Personal Banking grid, we believe in a DevOps way of working while focusing on solid principles that give teams a sense of autonomy and purpose in their job. We have adopted a hybrid model of working with 2-5 office days. Besides, we offer everyone the opportunity to get better and grow in their skills, love to share knowledge and challenge each other by for example; giving presentations, organising hackathons, potluck lunches, toasties on Wednesday and having live meetings together!  



With the following results (SMART)


Change the IT (Information Technology) landscape of the components as per new architecture (web team) or the future state (app team) guidelines. 

Keep the components up to date with the latest standards in the bank. 

Migrate to the latest services offered in the bank. 


Implement new features  




Relevant knowledge, skills, competences & desired education level


Must have:   


Experience on Java 11/17 and Spring framework  

Experience with Cloud Technologies including Monitoring and infra as a code (IaC)  

Experience on any Testing frameworks (Unit and Integration testing)  

Experience on building CI/CD pipelines (preferably Azure DevOps)  

Analytical skills (for debugging)  

Decent communication skills (you can communicate about technical decisions with less technical people)  

Good to have: 


Experience with microservices architecture  


Experience within ABN AMRO  

Experience within the domain of Pensions (web team) 

Understanding of the concepts used in App development (app team) 


Additional information (visible for suppliers)  

Assignment until mid Q4 2024 (web team) or end Q4 2024 (app team).


Korte omschrijving van de organisatie