Senior (Big) Data Engineer (Scala/Python) (QR6990)

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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Type: Freelance
Start: In overleg
Duur: 3 maanden / kans op verlenging
Geplaatst op: 11 september 2019 om 08:43 uur
Specialisme: Software ontwikkeling
Tariefindicatie: In overleg / n.t.b.


Functie: Senior (Big) Data Engineer (Scala/Python) (QR6990) 
Start: 21-10-2019, 36 uur per week 
Periode: 3 mnd+
Omgeving: Amsterdam 

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a passionate Senior (Big) Data Engineer (Scala/Python)

An experienced Data Engineer who enjoys to work with the latest technology to build data products and enable further data science within the company. The company works with large amount of data, both batch and streaming. The engineers work together with data scientists, data analysts and customer journey experts to utilize this data for the benefit of our customers. Our squads are multi-disciplinary and work agile.

Work environment
You will be part of the Engineering chapter, which consists of data engineers who develop software (APIs and end-user applications), data pipelines and tools contain/empower sophisticated analytical algorithms, such as machine learning models. Our goal is to be the best team of people that know how to create and operationalize ML models by applying software engineering. 

The team of 40 people hat has the mission to make the customer s interaction extremely personal and relevant. We do this by combining Big Data technology with Data Science to deliver high value solutions and products for our organization. We work in a fun and creative environment and we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in both each other and our projects.

Job description:
You are an ambitious, enthusiastic software engineer. You enjoy designing, developing, testing and maintaining complex data-driven systems. You have worked with low-latency distributed systems before, or you have read about them and tried some things out for yourself.
You are a good programmer with a strong theoretical basis; nobody has to explain you the details of KISS, DRY, YAGNI and the GoF OOP design patterns. You have some experience in functional programming and know its core principles. You are able to write clean, correct, efficient and maintainable code.

Must have experience:
- Transform data science models in solid and scalable products running into production
- Solid knowledge and experience of machine learning models
- Experience with Python and Scala
- Hands-on with Big Data Tooling - Hadoop, Yarn, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, NiFi, Airflow
- Solid experience with CD/CI automation in the field of machine learning and software engineering

Pre s:
- Build and maintain our building blocks applications (Python,Scala) in order to continuously improve and integrate new requirements from ML models.
- Solid experience with Containerization - Docker - Kubernetes
- Plus point - Contributing to Open Source Project in the field
- Bachelor/Master s degree in Computer Science or related subject
- Knowledge of data manipulation and transformation, e.g. SQL
- Strong programming skills in Scala with passion for FP. Thrive on challenges around microservices, performance, scalability and concurrency
- Hands-on experience managing and further developing distributed systems and clusters for both batch as well as streaming data (Hadoop/Spark and/or Kafka/Flink)
- Experience in setting up both SQL as well as noSQL databases
- Deployment and provisioning automation tools e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, CI/CD
- Bash scripting and Linux systems administration
- Affinity with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning


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