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Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Type: Freelance
Start: Per direct
Duur: 11 maanden / kans op verlenging
Geplaatst op: 25 januari 2023 om 11:34 uur
Specialisme: Software ontwikkeling
Tariefindicatie: € 90,00 per uur


Assignment start date                        06 February 2023 -
Assignment end date                         12 February 2024 -
Possible extension                            YES - 
Hours per week                                 40,0 

Assignment context and description of activities

ABN AMRO is a bank in the midst of a major transition. You will contribute directly to the creation of innovative solutions for Customer Identity and Access services that will support the increasing need for high security and trusted banking services.
You will be part of the scrum team Generic Signing. Generic Signing 2.0, which is developed and owned by CISO I&A is offering a set of Services which provides a Signing Solution.
At present, GS 2.0 provides its consumers a Payment Transaction Solution which includes IBB and AOL transactions.
In the near Future, we will support PBI signing for Belgium and also Non-Financial Transactions and Document Signing.


Setting-up load & performance tests.
Develop and maintain services that are able to handle very high loads, very short response time and zero errors.
Implement processes and systems to monitor data quality.
Help the team to improve their Azure knowledge.
With the following results (SMART)                             
Loadtest has been set-up and ran for the application.
Signing for device identity binding clarify legal requirements
Migration plan for DigiSign and Msec consumers
GS -Innovation -Advanced/Qualified signing via mobile app 

Relevant knowledge, skills, competences & desired education level                   

Minimal 10 years of Java EE Development, Java 8 or higher,  JSP/JSTL
Minimal 8 years of experience with Spring4 (or higher) Spring MVC, Spring Boot and JPA/Hibernate
Minimal 5 years of experience with setting-up & running load & performance tests.
Experience writing functional tests using automated testing frameworks like Selenium, Karate and/or Cucumber.
Experience with Azure App Service and CI/CD
Experience with CI and CD tools like Jenkins, XLR/XLD or equivalent.
Experience with writing (J)Unit tests and mocks, either manually or using mocking frameworks like Mockito.
Git and Gitflow way of working.
Experience with enterprise level Databases, for example Oracle.

Additional information;

Candidat with experience in performance testing
First phase is performance testing and later there will be more development and coaching
At least for one year to about 1.5 years.
Relocation is ok if it doesn’t take to long
Interview includes two interviews and maybe an assessment.


Korte omschrijving van de organisatie